VCT develops and brings to market unique and innovative technologies that make aircraft safer and more efficient, enhancing people's lives and improving the environment in which we live.

The Finlet significantly reduces aerodynamic drag; reducing aircraft fuel consumption and increasing range. Finlets are specially shaped devices that are attached to the aft portion of the aircraft fuselage which tailor the airflow profile drag. Our proprietary software, used in conjunction with Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis, is able to analyze each aircraft individually and maximize the performance enhancement of our Finlets.

Green technology development is very important here at VCT, improving aircraft performance, reducing energy dependence by increasing an aircraft’s speed and range while not burning additional fuel is a significant step in reducing Carbon Emissions.


Vortex Control Eaglets - Enhanced Aircraft Control and Safety

Leading edge devices that use controlled vortices to energize air flow over control surfaces in slow flight to improve aircraft stability and control by moderating severe stall characteristics and preventing spins.