Vortex Control Eaglets – Enhanced Aircraft Control and Safety

Leading edge devices that use controlled vortices to energize air flow over control surfaces in slow flight to improve aircraft stability and control by moderating severe stall characteristics and preventing spins.

  • Eaglets are patented, proprietary devices mounted on the leading edge of an aircraft’s wing, which energizes the airflow over the control surfaces during slow speed flight
  • Eaglets improve low speed aircraft stall and spin characteristics
  • Using the company’s proprietary software, specific aircraft types are analyzed and Eaglet configurations are custom designed
  • Constructed from composites of aluminum, Eaglets can be installed in less than a day
  • In some cases aircraft usable maximum lift (commonly referred to by aerospace engineers as CLmax) can be increased by up to 20% which reduces stall and takeoff speeds by approximately 10% leading to significantly improved takeoff and landing distances.

Currently VCT is evaluating Eaglet’s incorporation with OEM’s and the Retrofit on light aircraft known for poor stall/spin characteristics.