Finlets Technology – Applicable Aircraft:
Boeing 737 Family

The Boeing 737 series is the best-selling jet airliner in the history of aviation. Boeing has continuously manufactured The 737 since 1967 with almost 7,300 aircraft delivered and more than 2,700 orders yet to be filled.

Boeing has announced the 737 MAX program. The main changes are the use of CFM International LEAP-1B engines, the addition of fly-by-wire control to the spoilers, and the lengthening of the nose landing gear. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2017.

Estimated Fuel Savings using VCT Finlets on the worldwide Boeing 737 Fleet

Worldwide Fleet 7000
Flight Hours Per Year (Utilization) 3744
Gallons Saved Per Year 445,000,000
Fuel Savings Per Aircraft Per Year
(Est At $3.30 Per Gallon)
With a 2% Finlet Savings Per Aircraft
Reduction In Carbon Emission 7 Billion Pounds
Worldwide Fleet Savings Per Year $1,470,268,800