Finlets Technology – Applicable Aircraft:
Boeing 747 Family

The Boeing 747 is a wide-body commercial airliner and cargo transport aircraft, often referred to by its original nickname, Jumbo Jet. The B-747 was the first wide-body aircraft ever produced. First flown commercially in 1970, the 747 held the passenger capacity record for 37 years.

The four-engine 747 is available in passenger, freighter and other versions. Boeing has built and delivered 1,427 aircraft, with 97 of the new generation 747-8 series on order. The 747-400 is the most common passenger version in service, and is among the fastest airliners in service today.

Estimated Fuel Savings using VCT Finlets on the worldwide Boeing 747 Fleet

Worldwide Fleet 1431
Flight Hours Per Year (Utilization) 4000
Gallons Saved Per Year 460,000,000
Fuel Savings Per Aircraft Per Year
(Est At $3.30 Per Gallon)
With a 2% Finlet Savings Per Aircraft
Reduction In Carbon Emission 12 Billion Pounds
Worldwide Fleet Savings Per Year $1,519,825,032