Using the Company's proprietary software in conjunction with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, VCT is able to analyze each aircraft and individually adapt the VC Finlet configuration for maximum performance.

VCT has created Vortex Control Finlets (VC Finlets) which are fins added to the aft fuselage of an aircraft to control vortex flow and reduce drag.

The Science of VC Finlets

Vortex Control Finlets use controlled vortex flow to reduce aircraft aerodynamic drag which translates into a reduction in aircraft fuel consumption. Normally the airflow around the aft body of an aircraft becomes separated which causes drag, reduces performance and increases fuel consumption. VC Finlets shape the aerodynamic flow on the aft body of an aircraft to re-attach the flow and reduce aerodynamic drag.

Vortex Control Finlets have produced drag reductions in a range of up to 10% depending upon aircraft type. For aircraft with low wings, oval fuselages but appreciable after-body upsweep angles, Vortex Control Finlets can produce drag reductions in the range up to 4% depending upon aircraft type.