Fuel Savings

The financial pain of higher fuel prices is particularly acute for airlines because it is their single biggest expense. Eight years ago, 15% of the price of an airplane ticket went to pay for jet fuel. Now, it is 40%, according to the Air Transport Association, the U.S. airline industry’s trade group.

If prices stay where they are, U.S. airlines will collectively spend $61.2 billion this year on jet fuel – more than five times what they spent in 2002.

As an example of what VC Finlets can do for one major U.S. Airline; Consider a fleet of 26 747-400s.

Assuming an average utilization of 4,000 flight hours per year, an average fuel consumption of 4,023 gallons per hour, an average fuel price of $3.30 per gallon: A fuel savings of 2% due to the use of Finlets will reduce the carrier's fuel usage by 8,367,840 Gallons and add $27.6M per year to the airlines bottom line!